Catholic Universities Partnership in solidarity with Ukrainian Catholic University

Author: Catholic Universities Partners

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The academic communities of the Catholic Universities Partnership want to express their solidarity with the Ukrainian Catholic University (UCU) and their support for all Ukrainian colleagues and students with their families.

We are deeply troubled by the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the war in Europe. We condemn the invasion as a gross violation of international law and disrespectful of standards of decent human morality.

We want to express our commitment to the UCU community and our willingness to support our friends in Ukraine in any possible way.

We offer our prayers and our faith-filled hope. We fervently pray for peace.

We will be alert and make sure that our colleagues and students are well informed about what is happening in Ukraine.

The Catholic Universities Partnership aspires to be a true partnership, also and especially in difficult times. We are united in our faith in Christ, the Prince of Peace.

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Originally published by Catholic Universities Partners at on February 25, 2022.